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Topic Department Phone
Alexander Sandoval Dean of Students 623-245-1500 ext.24
Araceli Delgado Attendance & NSLP Coordinator 623-245-1500 ext.25
Claudia Ramos Business Manager & Charter Holder 623-245-1500 ext.15
Debbie Petersen Principal 623-245-1500 ext.23
Johnny Garcia Maintenance 623-245-1500
Kayla Lyons Curriculum & Assessment Coordinator 623-245-1500 ext. 14
Margaret Hammerand Exceptional Student Services 623-245-1500 ext.20
Michael Froio Social Worker 623-245-1500 ext.17
Ramona Garza Receptionist 623-245-1500 ext. 11
Veronica Hernandez Registrar & SAIS Coordinator 623-245-1500 ext.10