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Block and Early Release Schedule

Block Schedule

Credit Recovery               7:00am to 7:55am (bell rings)

1st Block                         8:00am to 9:25am (bell rings)

2nd Block                        9:28am to 10:53am (bell rings)

3rd Block                        10:56am to 12:21pm (bell rings)

Lunch                             12:21pm to 12:51pm (bell rings)

Elective/Advisory             12:54pm-1:34pm (bell rings)

4th Block                         1:37pm to 3:02pm (bell rings)

Credit Recovery               3:02pm to 5:00pm


Early Release Schedule    

Credit Recovery          7:00 to 7:55am (bell rings)

1st Block                    8:00am-9:05am (bell rings)

2nd Block                   9:10am-10:15am (bell rings)

3rd Block                   10:20am-11:25am (bell rings)

4th Block                   11:30am-12:30pm (bell rings)
Sack Lunches are available at 12:30
Credit Recovery        12:30 to 2:00pm *subject to change

Please note the following:

1)    Attendance is critical to a student’s academic success.  Students must be on time and ready to learn.

2)    Students must be wearing a uniform shirt to attend class.

3)    Students must follow classroom rules posted in all classrooms.  If a parent/guardian needs to contact a student during school hours, please dial our main number (623) 245-1500. The receptionist will verify the caller’s identity and take a message or call the student from class to speak directly with the caller.