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Vision and Mission Statement

PREMIER VISION STATEMENT:We are a caring learning community where everyone actively participates and contributes with pride, allowing our learners to realize their potential and reach their dreams.


PREMIER MISSION STATEMENT:  Our mission is to prepare each student with academic and marketable skills that are necessary to enter the workplace, a career or to continue higher educational pursuits upon graduation.  A large portion of the school’s mission is designed to reengage over-age and under-credited students with a history of dropping out of schools throughout the community.  The Premier High School’s reengagement mission provides area students with hope and an opportunity to graduate with a high school diploma.  The school utilizes activities, projects, assignments, and hands-on training along with Arizona Standards-Based Instruction for its curriculum.  We strongly believe that positive student motivation results in successful academic achievement.  Teachers work to shape success using best practices and educational opportunities to develop a community of learners that serve, improve, and make a positive difference in the world.