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July 1, 2020

Welcome to the principal’s page for Premier High School.  I am the principal, Mrs. Petersen. I possess a Master’s Degree in Education Administration and an Arizona Principal’s License for grades K-12.  I have been in education for over 23 years, of which I have been an administrator at Premier High School for the last nine. 

I am a very proud mother of two children (ages 15 and 18) and two Goldendoodles (ages 10 months and 4).  In my spare time, I spend time with family, hike, do yoga and love to travel.  I have been fortunate to have visited 18 different countries so far.

Our theme for the year is “Believe you can, and you are halfway there.”  We know that our students can accomplish great things, and everything begins with believing in themselves! Students are a precious resource and I have the honor of playing a part in preparing them for the future. I am especially proud of our positive academic performance as a school, our abilities to band together during difficult times and am looking forward to another great year!

With many changes occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering a variety of learning structures to ensure that our students are able to learn in the safest and most effective environment possible.  Additional sanitation, health protocols and technology tools will be put into place for on-campus learning.  While I understand that changes can be seen as unsettling, they can also be seen as opportunities to provide additional flexibility to our students that continue to help us achieve our mission of credit recovery.

We are continuing our free breakfast and lunch program this year with the addition of some new serving procedures to enable added safety and social distancing. This program enables our students to have nutritious meals available to them at no cost and helps them to be more focused during learning time.

I am always excited about our elective offerings each year.  Students will be able to choose from classes, such as: art, music, film history, home economics, crafts, journalism and games. 

Our sports program will continue with our membership in the Canyon Athletic Association.  We will be offering volleyball, basketball, soccer, and cheerleading while following local and state health and safety guidelines.  Research shows that when students are involved in extracurricular activities, it enhances their school experience both socially and academically.   

Please feel free to send me a message to let me know if you have suggestions.  I look forward to working with you in partnership for another excellent year! 


Debbie Petersen

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