March 25, 2020

Premier Students and Families,

We appreciate your patience during these unprecedented times. Premier remains physically closed per Governor Ducey’s order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and close all Arizona schools until at least April 10, 2020. If the physical school closure is extended, we will communicate additional information to you as soon as possible.

Please note that online instruction for Premier will be available this week starting on March 25th for English classes and all other classes will begin on March 26th.

Premier has been diligently working to contact every student to assess their individual needs to attend school through an online structure. We are confident that this can provide for the best education of our students during the building closure. Please read below for specific information regarding general information, online instruction, technology, and food service:

General Information

Please continue to access the school website at where we will provide ongoing updates. We will send additional information updates using our autodialed messaging system.


Online Instruction

Student Schedule:

Your student can request their schedule using the “Remind” application. We have created a quicklink for student schedules on our website with directions.

Google Classroom Codes:

Each separate classroom requires a login code to enter the class. Students will use their schedule to locate their class name and find the corresponding codes under the quicklink “Google Classroom codes” on our website.  

Help Documents for Online Instruction:

Online help documents will also be added to assist students with navigating Google Classroom under the quicklink, “Online Help Documents.”

Course Attendance:

Teachers will be posting their syllabus inside each of their individual Google Classes and checking with students to ensure that they are accessing any new tools needed for attendance/instruction. Your student will be expected to complete an attendance check-in each day before 3:00pm through their online classrooms and complete assignments as needed by the posted deadlines.

Teacher Office Hours:

Teachers will have designated office hours to be available to students through Google Hangouts. Teachers will be teaching/monitoring their online classrooms during regular school hours 7:30am-4:00pm.


Technology for Online Instruction

Students can use any smart device (computer, cellphone, tablet, iPad, etc.) to access their online classrooms and complete work. We are currently assessing the technology needs of our students and will be contacting individuals regarding additional support.


Food Service

We are currently in the process of getting approval to distribute breakfast and lunch under the Summer Food Service model as directed by the Arizona Department of Education. Should your student need food service during this time, please access the following link to find the nearest school or organization where your student can have access free breakfast and lunch.


AZ Health Zone


Our Premier team continues to make every effort to support our incredible students and families. We understand that the closure of our schools has a major impact on our families. Thank you for your flexibility and support!



Premier’s Administrative Team