Social & Emotional Wellness - Student Tips

Student Tips-

1.)  Be aware of your own needs.

2.)  Think of what makes you feel calm and safe

3.)  Find healthy ways to allow you to relax- for example:

             Take slow, deep breaths, meditate, read, exercise and stretch, gaming and be social with

             your peers using various distanced social platforms.

DV Awareness




SELF-AWARENESS enables students to recognize the impact of emotions and thoughts on behavior.  Sometimes our emotions are a result of something that happened to us many years ago.  We may act today based on feelings from traumatic events in the past.  Sharing your feelings and emotions resulting from these events may help you better understand why you act the way you are acting today. 

If you find yourself to be depressed, anxious, angry or sad; please talk with a family member or contact Mr. Froio at  You can come and talk with me at school after complying with our Covid 19 precautions.



Self-Management is a way to manage and be in charge of your emotions.  Here are some tips on what you can do to recognize your emotions and then to manage them.  

1.)  Recognize physical symptoms, for - example heart rate increase, dry mouth throat tightening.  Be aware of your potential symptoms.

2.)  Use physical venting, for example - taking a walk,  yoga, thoughtful relaxation, jogging, singing or whatever is your activity of choice.

3.)  Withdraw from these situations until you are under control.  If you feel angry or unsafe physically leave the situation.

4.)  Change your thinking by considering alternative actions or responses that will provide you more helpful ways to think about the situation.

5.)  Seek help if you are unable to regain control of your emotional self.  Sometimes seeking help is the smartest and most courageous choice to make.



Crisis Services

Crisis Response Network - Available 24/7  602-247-4600

Terros Crisis Prevention - 602-685-6000

Empact Crisis Services -  480-784-1500 or 1-800-273-8255

Teen Lifeline - 602-248-8336

Mental Health Services

Jewish Family Services 1840 N. 95th Ave Suite 146 623-234-9811

Touchstone Health  12725 W. Indian School Rd 1-866-207-3882

Chicanos Por La Causa 6850 W. Indian School 623-247-0464